How to connect parts with script

  1. What do you want to achieve?

I want to achieve a fluid simulation. I am trying to do this with parts (and not with terrain). But i can’t see to find somewhere a code, that connects 2 parts smoothly with eachother. I want to do this, because (not needed to help me with that) i want to make a ViewportFrameUI, and everytime you do smth, it triggers and adds a “drip of water” to it.

Also i just want it to try to look good, like adding a ripple on top of the fluid when a drip of water falls on top of it, so it looks like its connected.
(Is this even possible in Roblox Studio?)

  1. What is the issue?

I don’t know where to start, links, or just how to make it will be appreciated. (like links that will help me obtain a part of what i want to make)

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?

I have searched around the internet, but i can’t seem to find what i want.

What i basicly want (this could also be 3d, i will than use it to render in a ViewportFrameUI):

How many Parts are we talking about?
If you want to create a ripple effect you may want to look at this: Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta

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Just a small amount, i think the max is around 25, also, i will take a look!

Even so, having 25 Parts moved by physics would affect performance more than deforming a mesh since there are a lot of physics involved.

Is it possible to simulate this with the cage mesh deformer? (like with 1 part)

If you read the post you’d see that a single MeshPart can be set up (rigged) with bones that can follow whatever format you want to deform the Mesh. A ripple effect can be done on one Mesh.

So can i use Cage Mesh Deformer to animate things?

If yes than i can just increase the height and make an animation when the water dripp falls down, right?

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you liked my post, so i suppose you said yes. Thanks for the help. (i marked your post as the solution)

I am sorry that i still reply here, but i have absolutely no idea how i can achieve that effect. I did research and tried to make it in blender but i achieved nothing. I tried searching on internet but again, i found nothing. Could you help me?

As far as I can tell you make the mesh, then add bones to it, then animate the bones.

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