How to Connet to Rolimons and get Data of Rap, Value, Demand and Trend

Hello!!! So I am trying to connect to Rolimons using a script and get Data of an item like its Rap, Value, Demand and Trend! How would I do this?

And if you know how, how would I make it automatic meaning it gets every limited and prints it in order from lowest in value to highest?

And also hopefully it is like easy to use that data, meaning I could do this: Valk.Value = Valks Value!

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah https services have to be used to connect to rolimons. Are you sure I would have to contact the owner of rolimons?

You can look in Roblox’s inventory with Rolimon’s

Yeah but I need to get an items Value, rap etc lol! But thanks!

Alright I’ll try to find one/ask. But I am very unexperienced with https service so that’s a huge problem lol.
But yeah thanks!

OptimisticSide helped me solve it!