How To Constant Dump PSU + Ironbrew

Hello !
My English is kinda bad so bare with me
Well You Know exploiters using obfuscation to hide their code in some forums
we can at least constant dump it to get some info what are they doing and hopefully you can patch stuff
i will use for this tutorial
let’s say we have a sample of ironbrew which is print(“Hello”)

Now i am gonna go to an put a table.concat which will take arrays and concatenate them put it above the code

local oldtable = table.concat
table.concat = function(a)
    return oldtable(a)

result :

for psu we can use a Lua Beautifier tool
after you beauty it just go and put it in and jump to break number 5
you see that l[t] = o
we will print o which is the constants which will give us some info [ note that will change ] because it’s random but i got that l[t] = o
after we put a print(o) which is in our example is o it might be a b or c in ur side
it should be like this in my example which is o

after that we run it
result :

hopefully that help and sorry for my english not my main
keep in mind i didn’t make the method i just transferred knowledge here i just explained how to do it


There are other methods like searching for if statements, it would look something like

if RQ[E[1]]==RQ[F[2]] then

So all you would have to is print it like this

-- The if statement

The if statements most likely to have some useful information are




EDIT: Of course I recommend you first unminify the script using

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You didn’t make this tho. It was made a long time ago by someone on the famous forum v3rmillion.


i didn’t say i made it also i don’t know the person who made i just transfer the knowledge for people

I get your point, but even if he/she didn’t make this thread it’s good that she/he brought it to the DevForum as most developers don’t use v3rmillion as it’s known for it’s exploiters

This is actually just a string dump, not a constant dump.

Edit: for ironbrew at least. i havent toyed around with psu

In Lua bytecode there’s nil, bool, string, and number constants, the one shown here only dumps strings/string constants. Print shows because IB VM does

Stack[A] = getfenv()[Constants[Bx]]```

Hi I originally made this code make sure to credit me

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can you make a updated version

What can I do with constants? I am trying to crack a Iron Brew script.

Answer wasn’t that really correct due pasr grammar mistakes.

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