How To Continue A Loaded Animation

I am trying to save a loaded animation to reuse, in order to stop it.

For context, I am making a stand.

The issue is I use a remote event to play animations on the server side, however doing this I cannot load the same animation as before again.

So my question is, how do I reuse the same loaded animation? Where can I find the loaded version itself?


You should try loading the animation from the client, since with having the variable you can do a :Pause() on it. But from the server, you’ll just be wasting memory

I tried loading the animation from the client, the issue is, it doesn’t ended up showing for other players. I believe because I am loading an animation not for my own character.

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you can get the loaded animation track if you load the animation on an Animator and used the function GetPlayingAnimationTracks ( )

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NPC animations should be loaded on the server.

local AnimationTrack = nil

	if not AnimationTrack then AnimationTrack = Instance:LoadAnimation(AnimationObject) end

With this approach the animation would only be loaded once (regardless of how frequently the ‘RemoteEvent’ object is fired).

you did it kinda wrong then uhhh