How to convert a rhythm game chart into Roblox code?

Hello, I am unsure on how to do this since it is kind of like a custom code. I am making a Rhythm Doctor kind of game on Roblox and I am looking to see if it was possible to convert Rhythm Doctor’s chart [A (.rdlevel) file.] to Roblox’s code. I linked an image to the .rdlevel as a classic beat and to my classic beat code [I had typed my code all out manually.]. I am not looking for entire codes but just a guide on how I can do it so I can code all of it myself. If you need any more info then just let me know, thanks!

Screenshot 2022-11-27 16.11.56 osu?

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Converts Osu charts to Lua files

also, this was used for robeats

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I will try to see if I can get that working, I’ll let you know if it does or doesn’t.

This doesn’t seem to read the chart, Rhythm Doctor’s chart and Osu’s chart must be different.

File format seems to be in JSON, just use HttpService:JSONDecode on the file.

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You can also do it manually with regex find and replace.

["$1"] =