How to convert Blender multi-color model to Roblox Mesh?

Hello, I finsihed my first not useless Blender model. It’s multicolor and i decided to use several materials instead of UV texturing (model is difficult shape and I’m really unable to make UV texture for it).
Once I converted it into Roblox - i got just one material model. I separated model by differeny materials (that represented colors) and converted to roblox. However, they didn’t save scale of size and position to each other.
Questions are:
• Is there any way to make multi-color model in 1 mesh?
• Is it possible to line up all meshes into one solid model with huge accuracy?


Sorry to say but you will still need to properly UV unwrap your mesh if you want material textures. You need to take your materials in Blender and bake them onto a UV layout regardless of which option you take (exporting a single mesh with texture, or individual segments with textures).

You can find more and better info on texture baking on Blender support forums, not the Roblox dev forums.


Hi there!

yes, there is a way of doing it. I recently made a video on how you can do right here: Tutorial - How to texture a mesh in blender, and export it to Roblox studio - YouTube

Here’s another tutorial - How to Add a Texture to an Object in Blender 2.8 Eevee - YouTube

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


Thanks, however, this wasn’t that problem i had. I know how to texture basic things and meshes. The problem is that my model is being really hard to texture due to it’s complicated in amount of faces and they should be multi-textured. Anyway thanks for providing basic tutorials, but my situation is harder.

For future watchers:
• Link to basic texturing (UV, simple mesh) provided by KevinRexFromDk - How to Add a Texture to an Object in Blender 2.8 Eevee - YouTube
And solution to my problem
• Link to basic explanation of UV Unwrapping - in case if your model is really like this image
UV Unwrapping - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals - YouTube
P.S. Thanks Aotrou too for pushing my lazy… onto blender forums xD. I thought this is gonna be harder

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