How to convert block rig to boy/man rig?

This is probably a bit of a noob question, but I’m not sure how to even start with researching into this. What I want is to basically have a player spawn in, apply the humanoid description of another user that uses block rig so that the player looks like the user, and then I want to change out the meshes of the players parts so that they use the boy/man meshes instead. This is for R15. I’ve done tests with dummies, no actual scripting yet, but it looks like converting the rig from block to boy/man will mess up how the character looks. I don’t know if there is an easy way to do this. Does anyone know anything that could work?

Thanks in advance.

Get a boy/man rig from the Toolbox.

Next, put it in your game, and copy the CharacterMeshes.
Then, paste it into your rig.

It seems like the CharacterMesh is only for R6. I’m working with R15. Thanks for the suggestion though. Do you have any others?

You know how r15 has individual MeshParts? Well, you can change every single meshid in the blocky one to the ids of the boy one.

I tried that. The arms were offset weird from the body when I did. However, I discovered via testing that it seems that if I mess around with HumanoidDescriptions, I can get what I want. Thank you all for your help.

Cool! I forgot you could do that lol

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