How to convert gun "model" to "Tool"?

Hello, I need help converting Gun model into a tool. Take a look at this and you will understand:

I want this to be converted:
Screenshot 2021-07-23 195345

Into this:
Screenshot 2021-07-23 195414

How can I do that?

and sorry if this topic is in the wrong category…

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Do you have all the scripts you need and is there a handle inside of the model?

I did everything that I can do… but it didn’t work :frowning:

No. But I have the script. Do I need to insert the script into the model?

Simply, just insert a tool into starterpack (assuming it’s where you want it) and put the SCAR SSR inside the tool, and you will also need a Handle to make the player hold the tool. Here’s a full explanation by roblox: In-Experience Tools | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Yeah insert the scripts into the model, then do what @Winbloo said to do


So, do I need to ungroup the model or leave it like that?

Put it inside of a tool and then ungroup it

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Don’t forget to weld it, if you don’t then it will break into pieces because you need the item unanchored…

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so @Winbloo said is the solution (and we all know)
but as a Animatior, you can take this to the next level with code and stuff