How To Convert Moon Animations (2024)

To do what’s listed in the title, first you need the actual plugin itself. Then what you need to do is open Moon Animator then if you haven’t already, insert a rig either R15 or R6.

(R6 has 6 body parts as R15 has 15. This next part is my opinion but beginners should start animating by practicing R6 first as it’s more simpler.)

Once you have finished your animation, click on “File” then it should have a drop down menu. Then select “Save” as this is important. It should then ask you to name your animation. It is optional but it’s better if things are organized so it can be more proper, then once you start doing it enough then you’ll start to get the feel of it. After naming it something then it should return to the animation editing screen. You can now close the plugin then open your dummy’s model then open “AnimSaves”, if done correctly, you should see a Keyframe Sequence, or in other words you should see this under AnimSaves.


Copy the animation either by holding Ctrl + C or by right clicking then clicking copy. Then make another Rig. Open the Rig’s model, then paste the animation you just copied into AnimSaves. Then after that, go up to the top of your screen and click “Avatar”, and then “Animation Editor”. Click on the rig and if you see this popup when you click on him. You should see this with the name of your animation clip.


Under that you should see two buttons, a button on the left saying “Skip” and a button on the right saying “OK”. We want to click on OK, it should then open the animation in the editor. Find the three dots next to the set of buttons that look like Play and Pause, then this is optional but you can set the Animation Priority but we mostly want to click on “Publish to Roblox”. You can give it a custom title, description but make sure “Content Type” is set to Development Item. Then Asset Category should be Animation, you can set the creator. Delete Local Instances is also optional but I mostly don’t do it. Then click on the blue button that say’s “Save”. After it’s saved, make sure it says that it says “Successfully submitted!” under the ID, click on the icon that looks like two squares so you can copy the ID.

Last step is to either find a script either in the Toolbox or one that you made that loads the animation. You must be sure that the script is to load either R6 or R15. If you make a R6 animation and get a script that loads R15, it would not work. Make sure you carefully observe where to input the ID that you copied. It should say something like the text below.


After it’s all done and edited, either place it in Workspace or StarterCharacterScripts. If it’s R6, mostly place it in Workspace. Once you’re confident that it’s ready, click the blue play button up at the top to play test your game. If it’s not working or loading it might be that you didn’t fully copy the ID or maybe deleted a digit while pasting. Forgot to copy the ID when publishing? Don’t worry! All you need to do is open the Toolbox, there should be a set of four buttons, find the one that looks like a lightbulb. Once you click on it, open the drop down menu and click on Animations, then find and right click the animation and press Copy ID. Also one more thing, make sure that the Avatar Type in the Game Settings are set to the animation’s body type. You can only access the settings if you save the experience.

If this post helped you out, that is wonderful! Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

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Its rbxassetid, rather than rbxasset.

rbxasset refers to a file within your device for roblox, or whatever is registered for usage. rbxassetid will refer to the asset based on said id stored in their database.

Refer to this for further context.

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Alright, thank you for noticing that. I was wondering while making the post if it’s rbxassetid or rbxasset. Show’s you what I know.

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