How to Convert My GUI to a Script?

I am working on a project and I couldn’t find any script that can do this for me; they all bug something. How can I convert it without bugs?

Not sure what you mean, I’m going to assume that you mean you want to create your GUI within a script instead, I found a few plugins that I haven’t tested yet that might help :+1:


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This is a good way to do it however that plugin was last updated over 4 years ago so some things could be broken. Personally, I would just convert the UI manually by creating it systematically in a script.

I’ve already tested these, they don’t work well in my case.

Most UI’s can be replicated quite easily when you script it yourself. Just have to go piece by piece.

The general scripting term is serializing converting instance objects to script by only recording the data of which properties to change/are unique.

There is also this plugin which does it for you if you pay but there is a demo version.


Serializing resource:

General tutorial on serializing