How to copy humanoid limbs mesh ids with a script?

Im trying to make a script that makes a replica of the player. However i get a script permission error when i copy over the mesh ids for the limbs.

	local Character = game.Workspace:WaitForChild(Player.Name, 5)
	for i, v in pairs(Character:GetChildren()) do
		if v:IsA('Accessory') or v:IsA('BodyColors') or v:IsA('Shirt') or v:IsA('Pants') then
			local Clone = v:Clone()
			Clone.Parent = script.Parent

		if v:IsA("MeshPart") then
			script.Parent:FindFirstChild(v.Name).MeshId = v.MeshId
	Character.Head.face.Texture = script.Parent.Head.face.Texture

I believe it’s the archiveable property causing the issue try disabling it: