How to correctly convert a screenshot to a thumbnail?

I want to use screenshots from Studio to make thumbnails of buildings like Brookhaven’s, but there’s a problem. The images are always stretched out horizontally when I upload them as thumbnails despite being normal as a preview. I’ve unsuccesfully tried using MS Paint and disabling UIs to change their size.


Original image (1273x926) :arrow_down:

What the image should look like (1920x1080) :arrow_down:


Stretched image (1920x1080) :arrow_down:


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Photoshop have a smart option to fill space with the same kind of background found in original image.
But personally, I suggest you to not just use a screenshot anyways.

What size are you trying to get the thumbnail to? You need to Crop the original image to the size of the thumbnail you want, you cannot resize or it will stretch out the image.

Or use this simple tool: