How to cover only half of a surface with a texture?

I have this default part (a brick, rectangular). I want to apply a texture only for half of the top face. Currently, the texture is repeating. How to have this texture only in half of this part?

Changing “StudsPerTile” will only stretch the texture for the entire top face, not have it to half of the face.

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Simple answer, you can’t. You need to have 2 parts. One where you’ll have the texture. One without. I mean, yeah, you can edit the stud settings, but that edits how it looks.

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As Chordily already said, you can’t really do this with a Texture specifically.

I advise the use of a surface GUI with an image label;

You can scale it however much of the part you wish. Using the size property of the surface GUI or the Image Label. (If you use the surface gui size, set the image labels size to {1, 0},{1, 0}.)

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