How to create a 360 orbit camera cutscene

Hey, want this?

Well, here I am to show you how to do it so basically your going to want to first open up blender and then install this blender addon I created

Just down the py file and install it how you would any other blender addon!

Once your done with that, create a new scene and add a camera facing in the forward direction in blender this is the Y axis (i dont know why)

After you’ve done that move your camera back however much you want the orbit to be away from the center, I did it this much

Create an empty axis or just a plain empty at the center of the world, like in the previous pictures and your going to want to shift select the camera + the empty after; what this does is it parents the camera to the empty so it can move with it relative to where it was when you parented it!

Now you’re going to want to keyframe the current rotation of the empty at Frame 0,. then R + Z 360, what this does is it makes it rotate 360 back to where it started, I just have my frame range from 1-60 you can do whatever you want

After this click on the camera and then up at the top left corner you’re going to want to click Object > Animation > Bake Action

Follow these settings for it


After this you’re going to see the timeline filled with a bunch of keyframes from the animation you just created, then you’re going to want to export the animation using the addon you installed earlier, if you installed it correctly it should be at the right of your screen, also you can uncheck scale

What it did was it copied that animation data to your clipboard, this is where the next part comes which is installing the roblox plugin to turn it into a folder that you can pass through a module I will alos provide!

So head over here and install that, then open up your roblox studio any place is fine and click on the plugin and it’ll bring up a script tab this is where you’re going to want to paste the data that wasa copied to your clipboard

If you did it correctly it should give you a folder like this, yours will be named UntitledObjectAnimation


Now head over to the github and get the Object Animation module that allows you to play this folder!

Once you’ve put that into a module, now comes the super simple code setup to get your animation up and running!

So in this code im creating a new animation object and I pass in the folder, and im making sure it loops then I change the camera type to scriptable, and I play the animation with the 4 required arguments

relativeTo is the part that the animation will play relative too
FPS is of course the frames per second
partToAnimate is the part that will be animated as you can see we passed in the CurrentCamera, but it works with models aswell and just regular parts
offset this is basically for adjusting things in world space you know

And that’s really it, if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the replies, thanks!

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