How to create a 3D intro?

I am curious in how to make a 3D intro similar to the intro in this game. The intro I am looking for is similar to this-

Thank you in advance!


Something like this uses the workspace.CurrentCamera and a lot of CFrame, Tweens, Vector3, etc. to make the 3D object actually move. I cannot give you the exact details on this but I have done many 3D intro’s before and once you get accustomed to it, it isn’t difficult.

It should be assembled in the way that you have everything timed in sync. I usually would keep everything on the client side of things, especially in an intro, but it depends on your purpose for it. Just remember that every object changed on the server is replicated to all clients.

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That intro is made with Camera Manipulation and SurfaceGUIs, I think a better category for this thread would be in Scripting Support.

I’m not sure if this post was moved, however it looks as though this thread is in scripting support.

As for your idea, there is a neat plugin called the cutscene editor which can automate doing some of these tasks. Take a look here to see if it fits your needs.

Hope this helps automate the process for you :grinning:

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