How to create a cash stacking system!

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to achieve a cash stacking system

  2. What is the issue?
    I want to create a cash stacking system like this
    robloxapp-20231015-2149160.wmv (5.3 MB)

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I searched all over the Devforum

One person did say

You just gotta divide the cash by the amount of cash that it takes to make one layer, use the remainder to calculate how many smaller stacks are on top, until you’ve used all of it.” – It would have been helpful if the user provided an example.

Video of what i want to achieve
robloxapp-20231015-2149160.wmv (5.3 MB)

can u like provide a bit more explanation of what u want to achieve? (like i mean i know its a cash stacking system, but in which case u want to use this)

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Lets say that 100 bucks is one cash instance, 12 of them would fill up a layer, so just do something like this:

local layers = 0
local rows = 4 -- 4 rows of cash available in the stack
local maxStack = 12
local divider = 100 -- how much cash is 1 instance

local startPos = cashStackStartingPosition
local nextLayerPos = nextLayerFirstStackPosition
local nextRowPos = nextRowFirstStackPosition
 -- substitute these 3 values with the positions in your stack

local function StackControl(earnedCash) -- call it when you want to update the stack
	local amount = math.round(earnedCash / divider)
	local prev -- prev is gonna be set to the previous instance in the loop to calculate the position of the next one

	for i = 1, amount do
		local newPos
		if i % maxStack then -- if the layer is full
			-- go to the first slot of the next layer
			newPos = nextLayerPos
		elseif i % rows then -- if the row is full
			-- go to the first slot of the next row
			newPos = nextRowPos
			if i == 1 then
				newPos = startPos.Position
				newPos = prev.Position  +,0,0) -- add the offset of the new model
		local part = CashModel:Clone()

		part.Position = newPos
		part.Parent = workspace

		prev  = part

I’ll try this and tell you if it works