How to create a custom made Skybox

Hi all! I’m currently creating a game and I want to create a custom skybox to fit the mood/environment of the current game. I know what I’m going to make but I’m just not sure how to make it.

I’m looking to achieve a seamless skybox that is handmade but I don’t currently know any good ways to achieve this (if there’s a template or something similar). If someone can help or knows a solution that’d be awesome!


Skyboxes are made up of 6 different sides(basically you’re in the middle of a cube). Assuming you are going to make the textures from scratch you in whatever program you use(, Microsoft paint, photoshop, etc) you want to make each side of the skybox. Each side(or image) is 256x256 pixels. Once you are done with all 6 images you can head into your studio, insert a sky object into the lighting and under the properties tab you will see each side and an area where you can insert the texture.

I haven’t made my own skybox in a while so if I made any mistakes feel free to correct me!


I understand the use of the 6 different sides and how the skybox is made up, the issue I’m having is keeping seamlessness with different objects crossing different images, or skybox panels. I’m just wondering if there is a way to create the skybox over all panels at once to avoid any issues with seamlessness.

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Ahhh, sorry I didn’t understand the question fully. I would create one if my main computer wasn’t broken rn(using a trashy macbook), you could create it though. I use photoshop I think everything else works the same though heres what I would do. I would create one big 1024x768, this could fit 12 256x256 squares in it. Then create 6 256x256 blank squares and set it up sorta like this -

You can create each side knowing exactly how it will line up and stuff then select each square and export each one. I assume this map is the same that Roblox uses for their skybox(again I would try but I am unable too rn). Hopefully that can help and make it easier for you! Keep me updated!


Is this the most efficient use of texture size? Im trying to make high definition skyboxes as well.

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I believe so, according to the wiki the max texture size you want is 256x256 px. I believe what you can do is make whatever size you want, and then just resize the image using whatever editor to 256x256. Again I am not too sure but from what the wiki says that’s what I would do.

Sorry for the late reply but I got some questions regarding this topic as well.

  • As you said you can use whatever editor you like but what would you recommend? I’m currently using

  • How did you get the picture lined up perfectly to one and each other in the 6 squares? I’ve been searching and experimenting for an answer but I am unable to find one

  • What wiki are you referring to?

thanks in advance