How to create a custom timestamp?

I’m creating a custom timestamp, where the first time of a player in the game starts at second 0 and accumulates over the seconds.
So I want to turn this into a real date.
I tried this:

local ts = 0 -- seconds
print(DateTime.fromUnixTimestamp(ts):FormatLocalTime("DD/MM/YY HH:mm:ss", "pt-br"))

but it will print 31/12/69 21:00:00 when the correct should be 01/01/70 00:00.
This is a problem with my time zone.
How to fix this?


try this:

local ts = 0 -- seconds
print(DateTime.fromUnixTimestamp(ts):FormatUniversalTime("DD/MM/YY HH:mm:ss", "pt-br"))

Thanks. Still, on the same topic, could you tell me how to correctly add YEARS to the timestamp?
Since the default result for Unix Timestamp is for the year 1970, I should add 51 years to get to 2021.

local ts = 60*60*24*365*51
print(DateTime.fromUnixTimestamp(ts):FormatUniversalTime("DD/MM/YY HH:mm", "pt-br"))

But will print 19/12/20 00:00, which certainly has to do with leap years.

The Unix Epoch is 1970 January 1st, 00:00:00, so you’d need to add 51 years, 11 months etc. down to the second or however precise you want.

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local years = 52 --change to number of years
local daysInYears = 0
for i = 1, years do
	if i % 4 == 0 then
		daysInYears += 366
		daysInYears += 365
local ts = 60*60*24*daysInYears
print(DateTime.fromUnixTimestamp(ts):FormatUniversalTime("DD/MM/YY HH:mm", "pt-br"))

This will check for leap years (adding around 12 days) although you’ll need to add the 11 months which have elapsed thus far in this year.

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Here’s a more precise solution: if I want UnixTimeStamp as an offset starting on 01/01/2021, I just create this offset and then add my custom timestamp:

	local MyTimeStamp = 0
	local Offset = {
		year = 2021,
		month = 1,
		day = 1,
		hour = 0
	local TimeStamp = os.time(Offset)
	MyTimeStamp += TimeStamp
print(DateTime.fromUnixTimestamp(tick()):FormatUniversalTime("DD/MM/YY HH:mm", "pt-br"))

This is the boring solution though.