How to create a cyberpunk edgerunners sandevistan/ afterimages trail

Hello currently, I am in the middle of creating a visual effect for a game similar to the one visible in the jjba anime inside the world of erased time. However after getting frustated with my script not working I asked ChatGPD to try to find errors in my script that might cause it to not work. Unfortunatly it did not give me the result that I had hoped for so that project is currently “still work in progress”, bu after mesing with the script even more after chatGPD tried to fix it I acidentally created a visual effect identical to the one created by the sandevistan in the show cyberpunk edgerunners. In the end I decidet to make this post in case somedody is creating a game based on the show. I hope that thois could let them have an easier time developing thus here is a free model with instructions on how to recreate the afterimages trail.

here is the link to the model

and here are some images of the result

And here is how it looks in the show

Please keep in mind that even after some refinment the script is still quite taxing for your device, I recommend using it in moderation. Apologies for the grammar but I am in a hurry.


Okay, first off I would make the trails debris, using debris service. Second I would make it so every clone created you change a value of rgb variables to make it rainbow

Yeah, sorry but the trail of afterimages wasn’t really something that I created intentionally but since I could not find any other free models that contain the scripts and such. I decided that even tho I created this effect accidentally I could provide it in case somebody might need it before I had removed it from my game, also this is technically the first time I have created an afterimage effect so I don’t really know how most people would go about making one.

Can you make it so it won’t also copy over every single script in the player? I have certain scripts inside the character/player that also get cloned which almost made my studio crash

You should not be cloning and deleting the character many times indefinitely. Instead, create a pre-loaded pool of culled character clones which you can enable and disable at any time. This prevents higher CPU usage caused by massive geometry calculations.

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