How to create a dome out of roblox parts?

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to build a dome out of parts. Many people say blender but it’s really confusing and I don’t want to use the sphere option as it would ruin the sort of blocky build.


Hello there!

Yes, the sphere in Blender doesn’t have a very blocky look, but I can recommend the icosphere instead. It looks way more blocky and it’s really easy to make, as you can just insert it. Aditionally, you can turn the subdivisions down to make it look even blockier!


There is a plugin that makes spheres out of parts (I forget what it is called though). Unioning a sphere might be your best option though because you seem to not like blender.

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Use a sphere and do some unioning! :slight_smile:

There is a very simple solution:

  1. Spawn a sphere part
  2. Duplicate the sphere
  3. Make the duplicate smaller
  4. Negate the duplicate
  5. Union the duplicate with the original part.

Now you have a hollow sphere! Then:

  1. Spawn a regular brick
  2. Make it cover one half of the sphere completely
  3. Negate the brick
  4. Union it with the hollow sphere

And now you have a hollow sphere cut in half, or, a dome!
A simple solution entirely within Roblox Studio!

This video (which I haven’t watched yet) should help you out:


Also, for a geodesic dome check this post someone made on the forum:

If you just did a simple search you could of found the solution.

Hope this helped! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ


Increase the “smoothness” value which is found in the corner when creating an icosphere, then shade smooth the sphere to make it very smooth. Then export it, make sure it isn’t too triangle/poly intensive.

Blender has something that you might like. I forget what it’s called, but it creates a low-poly sphere and I think you can change the poly aswell.

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There is an EXTREMELY useful tutorial that helped me out with building knowledge and shapes, etc.

Check this video out by @DieSoft (Hi buddy) it’s very useful for anything you need shape wise. He also has more tutorials that can help you with building if it comes to a point that you need help.