How to create a good game on the Imagination Platform

Hello there, LeoTheNinjaWolfie900 here with a topic on what makes a good game/how development can play a role in creating a good game.

Section 1 - Planning
Planning your game always takes time, and it’s a good idea to have a plan already made before you dive into a big project. Planning can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Ensuring you have a foundation in which you can build on;
  • Making sure you have an idea of what the game will be like

Another good reason on why you need to plan is knowing what to expect from players when you publish. Consider:

  • How do I want my players to feel when they enter my game?
  • How will I keep players engaged (Updates, products, improvements to services you provide, etc.)

Section 2 - Teams or solo?
Another thing you should take into account is the method of creating your game. Will you develop solo or will you develop with a team? You should try and think of this as part of planning in section 1. There are multiple benefits of working in both, and multiple cons of both as well. Here are the most common ones I see:



  • No coordination is needed, unlike teams where it can be time consuming.
  • No posting required (for example, career posts here on the DevForum asking for team members)


  • Higher workload on you (Players expect updates, more quality content) from a single person.
  • Longer development times


  • Development time is greatly reduced
  • You (usually) have multiple people skilled in many subject areas (scripting, building, UI, etc.)


  • Harder to coordinate (can get messy in organization, etc.)
  • Time consuming to find the right team members for your particular situation.

Section 3 - Development

Congratulations, you have reached the development stage of your game process. In this stage, you actually get to put section 1 and 2 knowledge to use. In this stage, I will explain a little bit about the development process and what you can expect.

When developing your game, keep the following things in mind:

  • I can always edit my game and plans, I do not have to stay fixed on one draft of my plans.
  • I will encounter problems, and I should not worry about it, because there are resources which can assist me.

The development process can be, for some, the most difficult process of them all. Remember, if you get stuck or stalled in this process, step away, take a deep breath, review your plans if needed, and make edits! Edits are not bad, you should not feel ashamed for deviating from your original plans.

In conclusion, I hope this small post helped you learn something about the planning, creating, and team-building process. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, good luck on making your game! I will edit this post accordingly based on what I think I missed in the original post.

In addition, feel free to leave any feedback you think can help improve this topic! Thanks a ton!

A few extra bits to note:

Extra things to take into consideration
  • If you need help with something while developing, we have amazing resources right here on the developer forum, and there are also a ton of other developer resources.

  • It may be helpful to check out an official programming language website, for example, Lua’s documentation, as it can give an extensive look into the language

  • Remember to use the developer hub! I would call this a virtual library, because it is filled with every class, function, API, and service you could ever need on Roblox. Check it out!

Signed, LeoTheNinjaWolfie900
Revision 3, 05/19/20


Thank you so much for this! I’ve been wondering about this for a WHOLE month. Ill make sure to share this with my friends and other devs i cross paths with.

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You should also add on how that if you enable team create as solo, it will most likely always save if you crash randomly.

Unfortunately, this is not substantial enough for this category. You do not go into enough detail in any section to be useful to readers.