How to create a missile system?

So I wanna create a katyusha type system and I wanna make a missile system but idk how. Can anyone give some guidance on that?

EDIT: kinda like this: katyusha missile truck Tutorial | Plane Crazy - YouTube (00:00)
and this: moscow missile meme in war thunder (with music) - YouTube

I can do the launching and whatnot but I need help with the actual missile trajectory/launching system.

What si katyousha type system? Sorry I don’t knwo

search katyusha up on google, basically rapid fire missile system.

Ok, I would make every missile have a different name (ex. missile1, missile2 etc.) and make something like a for loop that loops between missiles and every time waits a tot of time and then firs the next missile, for the rest I don’t know soort

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