How to create a realistic, high wind, and part pulling tornado?

Hello! I was recently thinking about creating a realistic tornado inside of roblox studio. I first started looking in the toolbox and found one that was fairly good for being free. I checked the scripts and it was very confusing and messy. it pulled blocks like I wanted but for some reason it killed people when they got anywhere near it. It also takes parts and throws them up SUPER high into the sky, then deletes them instead of them raining back down or following the tornado. They also never despawned and didn’t have a spawning animation. I would like to know where to start on making my own tornado with adjustable speeds and a forming/deforming animation. I know it sounds like a lot but any info helps. Thanks!

Picture examples:


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Vfx and a specific constraint. I forgot what it is called and can’t find it. I’m pretty skilled with vfx if you need my help.


You seem to have a lot of actionable changes that you want to make to the code that you had found. I’d suggest using that code and going through, making the changes one by one that you have in mind.

Players may be dying because :BreakJoints() is being called on the parts of the character. If this is the case, you could try to make it ignore “Head”, “Torso”, “UpperTorso”, “LowerTorso”, and “HumanoidRootPart” or have it see if there is a humanoid with
if not hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then


Here ya go. no code but I bet you could find that somewhere. its just decorated.
Tornado - Creator Store (