How to create a simplistic logo

I’m currently in development of a game and I need to make a logo for it. Considering I’m not very familiar with logos I was wondering if anyone has tips on how to create simplistic or low poly style logos, preferable with I have the game name and idea & colour palette but I’d love to know where to go from there.
Thanks in advance!


Photoshop is better for creating bevels, textures, and realistic lighting for logos. PDN is good for simple things like clothing and generic bits and bobs but Photoshop is generally what I use for logos.


I’m too poor for Photoshop. :frowning:


You can use Gravit Designer


My main advise is to consider creating multiple iterations of a design and saving copies so you can compare them. Nexus VR had 5 iterations before a final design was chosen. You may not like your first design, or may just have another idea you want to try out.

If you plan to use, which I used for about 2 years before getting access to Photoshop, plugins like pryochild’s plugins will help a lot. Make sure you keep copies of layers in case you decide to change something since doesn’t save effects done to layers like outlines.
In terms of other software, GIMP and Inkscape can also be considered and will give you access to vector shapes. The learning curves are higher but may be worth it for creating simplistic logos.


Adobe illustrator supports vector, it would be perfect for what you’re looking to create. :slight_smile:


Something like InkScape, Gimp, Krita, and PaintDOTNet are all good alternatives, and in my opinion, you should use one of those over PhotoShop, as PhotoShop costs an insane amount of money and serves the same purpose as the aforementioned programs.


Not to mention that some are more user-friendly, intuitive and easier to learn than Photoshop.

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Otherwise, I can recommend:
Inkscape as a great free alternative to Illustrator (These are designed for vector art and will give best results for a logo).

Krita or Gimp (or Gimpshop) as good free alternatives to Photoshop. Krita may not be the most useful for logos. It’s great for painting and such. Gimp has features like filters that may be useful for some logos. Looks like Photoshop has a 7 day free trial then ~$20 a mo. for the full PS CC plan.

There is also Pixlr (online app)
and Google Drawings…etc
Those kinds of apps are good because they are very easy to use and should be able to handle basic logo designs.

There are also a number of logo generator sites like logojoy (do a web search for “online logo generator”) that can generate loads of ideas for you to work from.

You can also use Font sites like this one to type in text for your logo and screen capture to a simple paint program to add your graphics and color.

Make a handful of designs and look at them again the next day or so. Pick the best and iterate until you have what you want. It isn’t an exact science.

If the paint .net videos aren’t helpful, I’d try downloading Inkscape and searching for some web pages or videos on “making logos in Inkscape”. Maybe check out logojoy for inspiration just because it’s cool to see an Ai generate designs for you.


Here’s some community tutorials I found days ago, mind checking it out? :slight_smile: