What do you use to make GFX?

I’ve started making GFXs around 6 months ago and ever since I’ve been using blender and photoshop.

Until now what do YOU use to make GFX?

Also if you were to make logos, what software would you recommend?
I’ve also wanted to draw Roblox avatars. So what software do you think would be good for a beginner in drawing Roblox avatars?


In my case I recommend the Plugin “Import Character” This allows you to import any avatar and place it in R6 or R15, once you see it I encourage it and export it as .OBJ to blender. I also recommend Pixlr, which is a free site that allows you to add a lot of cool effects.

I use Blender to make 3D Art!
I currently do not have any good photo editing software (except GIMP, which I completely do not know how to use).

Yes. I’ve also been using that plugin and it’s very useful and time efficient.

I recommend getting a good editing software as it makes your 3D art 50% better. In the first month of using blender even I thought I wouldn’t need an editing software but after I started using it I realized I needed it.

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yeah… except i dont really want to be having to pay a monthly fee for adobe products… (and yes, I know creative cloud and such things exist).
imam try get good at gimp

Use Pixlr, is free and have lot of options.


I’ve also heard of a software called “PhotoPea”. I haven’t used it but I’ve heard that it us very similar to Photoshop.

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Yes, I have heard of it (photopea and pixlr) too. Nevertheless, I don’t know where to start.
i think pixlr might be EASIER, so i’ll try that first, then photpea, then GIMP. i’ll see how it goes.
i’m going to sleep fer now, good night.

I would recommend following a GFX comet tutorial. GFX comet did a few tutorials in PhotoPea.

I use blender for the modelling part and photoshop for all the editing. :cookie:

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I am no graphic designer or artist this

If your wanting things related to creating logos common choices " Inkscape - Gimp - Are free alternatives normally for creating different designs in I see people normally use these programs for creating either (Logos - Art ect). These are other free programs out there you just need to find the ones that your comfortable using.

Here is a thread that leaves majority of recommend programs developers use:

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