How to Create a Wall Climbing System

So I want to know how I should create a wall climbing system, and thanks for helping me!


I have created a similar wallrunning system, but i assume some of the same concepts are applied.

You would raycast to make sure theres a wall, and then check the walls normals to make sure its somewhat straight and not slanted, and then use a body velocity or position to move the player upward, and connect it to an InputBegan function or maybe a JumpRequest.

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I get what you mean, but I want is something like you can keep going from the block side to side(maybe confusing and if you are use rogue linage climbing as an example)

There is a tutorial here, it doesn’t explain how to make one, however it gives you the uncopylocked game, so you can check out the scripts yourself.

Edit: There are also many other YouTube videos about “Wall Climbing Systems”

I looked at the script and its hard to even understand it because of how messy it is.

Im unsure how roge lineages works, but i would assume you would use a bodyposition at the selected height and maybe a prismatic constraint along the axis to ensure you are moving along the wall at a cross of the face normal and, 1, 0)? That should allow the user to climb along the wall sideways, but not vertically.

read this Making a "Wall Climbing" System