How to create a windows shortcut to start my game directly with Roblox Player?

Every time I want to start my game, I have to enter Chrome and launch the game page and then click the start button, which will launch Roblox Player opening my game:

Is there any way to open Roblox Player with my game running directly (no browser needed)?

Try dragging the URL into your homescreen. Then if it shows up. Then rename it to your game name. Therefore you just need to wait till it opens up that shortcut then press play.

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Which URL? The green button (Play) doesn’t show anything.
Have you tested before?

The one at the top (a.k.a) search bar

I wasn’t able to find out how the green play button works, but if you press ctrl+u while on a game page you might be able to find out how the play button works and replicate it’s code.


Thanks to the introduction of deeplinking, we can now launch games directly from links without using any workarounds such as chrome extentions or external programs.

To use: simply paste the gameID into this link roblox://placeId=1234 and done!

Note: On the first try, you may get an error saying you don’t have permission to join the game. In this case, click leave, then sign into the app and this problem shouldn’t occur again.

To implement into a windows desktop shortcut: just go to your desktop, right click and create a new shortcut. From there paste in your roblox://placeId=1234 into the location field, set a name for the shortcut, then your done.

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Look into this…

Roblox URL Launcher - Chrome Web Store

once you download the extention, you can test it by clicking here
if you want to try your own game you can just put your placeid in here

from there just make a desktop shortcut with that in the address bar.

I’ll edit or reply to this when I figure out a way to do this without a chrome extention, im working on that currently

(the extention is open source)

On a side note, Roblox used to have a feature called “autoplay” where you could add " ?autoplay=true" to the end of a place link and it would behave exactly as what youre asking.


i just realized that running Roblox.GameLauncher.joinMultiplayerGame(gameId) in the console on your browser sends you into a game, idk if you can implement that into a windows shortcut

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I guess this might make it easier:
Click and drag this icon onto your wallpaper while on the game’s page. It makes the game’s page a desktop icon which might make it easier. You can also pin this icon to your taskbar or start menu for easier access.

just run roblox://gameIdHere to open a game. Once you do that, you can save the link to your desktop by holding click on the i next to the url and dragging it onto your desktop. Im pretty sure this works, although it can send you to the roblox app instead of the web client.

Have you tested before?
This way it always asks for a login.

That’s not my question. I’m asking for a direct opening of the game with Roblox Player, without needing to open the navigator first.

Now THIS is working.
Apparently, there is no way to open Roblox Player without the browser.
But with this extension, I can open my game with a single step, putting a desktop shortcut for it.

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