How to Create GFX with Roblox Human Bundles and Layered Clothes

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I’m creating this topic to learn how to create GFX (Graphic Design) using Roblox’s human bundles, particularly Rthro. Most GFX arts are made with R15, but I’m interested in utilizing the new platform technologies. Additionally, I’m curious if it’s possible to create poses for characters wearing Layered Clothes:

If it is possible, how can I achieve this? When I export as a .obj file from Roblox to Blender, I encounter issues where the body doesn’t fully import or capture the character’s pose, especially for Layered Clothes; they remain static based on their initial creation.


Here are some perspectives for anyone who wants to comprehend what happens if importing to Blender as .obj file:


(Roblox Studio)


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This is the tutorial I followed when I first used layered clothing

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Heya @Lostrocket16! How are ya?

Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you for providing the tutorial guide there! Now, this is for Roblox characters with popular bundles, but I am not sure how I would apply for human bundles, for instance: Base Body - Cameron - Roblox

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You just import the avatar and rig it like any other character mesh in Blender.

It’s not necessary to look at any Roblox-related tutorial for this, just find something that simply talks about Blender character rigging.

Here’s one example for instance.

( But maybe try to combine everything into one mesh before listening to this tutorial. )

Hey, @orangewarrior78!

Yeah, importing like every other character mesh in Blender works truly! But somehow, whenever I import the characters as a .obj file, they sometimes do have something I cannot comprehend how to find a solution or a workaround… Here are some things:

  • Whenever importing them to Blender as a .obj file, they seem fine. However, if setting the Viewport Shading as Material Preview and/or Rendered, they do not show properly the color of the body, especially if trying to modify at Material → Settings → Blend Mode (Opaque) + Backface Culling.

(Viewport Shading as Solid)

(Viewport Shading as Material Preview)

(Viewport Shading as Rendered)

Furthermore, when importing the characters, they all have one single mesh, so I suppose it won’t be a problem rigging them, but it won’t work for the eyes from what I can speculate by watching a few parts of the video you provided… Though, it is still useful. Thank you. :blue_heart: