How to create gun movement with Models?

Hello everyone,

I may have asked this before. And I will ask again, mainly because I haven’t gotten a clear answer, or it was too complicated. So sorry with that.

I have a problem with my gun system, I currently need to create first person movement (or at least LEARN how to do it first) before I will start with the actual gun. And so far, haven’t found anything useful. I’ve tried it out for myself with :Lerp, just went bonkers and all over the place, copy and pasted scripts, Youtube, Devforum posts, etc. So basically, I’m desperate.

More specifically, I would like to achieve Operation Blackhawk Mission 5’s gun movement, for its more of a game I want to create. For now, I am working with pistols.

Anything works, I don’t currently have a script, just a will to learn how to do it. :^) (Any questions, just ask.)


I’d say try and learn something and re-watch some youtube tutorials. Copy pasting scripts isn’t gonna get you far if you’re making a game. Sorry that I can’t help you directly, but its kinda clear you don’t know that much about scripting in the first place


There are no youtube tutorials on it. And when I copy and paste scripts, I try to learn them at least. But its all just gibberish.

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I’d recommend you learn scripting before attempting this because if you can’t understand the scripts at least a little bit, you might wanna take a few steps back to learn scripting, and put the gun project off too the side until you learn scripting a bit better.

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I can script really well. Its just the way they organize it. I can’t figure it out.

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They don’t organize it differently than anyone else. If you could script really well you’d have provided a script with your issue. The way Lua works is it has to have a base organization and scripts will not work if you do not have them.

For ex, you have to say:
local Plr = Plr.Game.PlayersAdded

at the start, or else whatever you write after will not work. I do not believe your claim that you can script well. Just go learn how to man


Don’t worry it’s normal to fail with CFrames been there done that.

I believe this should help where I only Isolated only the spring section which achieves gun sway only.


I can… But I am just not good with CFrames and math equations.

I can create cool things, I just would usually need some looking up, but most of the time I do it myself.

And yes, I know how to get a player/character with both kinds of scripts. From what I’ve seen in the scripts in the free models, they usually name parts weird things… I don’t want to start some argument but I just specifically need help with CFrame. I am still currently learning CFrame functions.

I’ll look into it later, I am in school right now so I currently cannot try it out. But however, it looks promising. Where would I put this ModuleScript and when should I call it?

Edit: I also was going to ask about how they made realistic recoil. I like how BHM5 (Blackhawk Mission 5) did their recoil and I’m sure its pretty easy, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve done it before but it wasn’t as realistic as I liked it. It was like a tweening motion to the camera CFrame: CurrentCamera.CFrame = CurrentCamera.CFrame *,0.5,0)

In which would have been too instant.

Update: I’ve tried to figure out how to use the localscript, but I can’t find the part where I make it affect the viewmodel… I have it in StarterCharacter btw.

Why not use a rigid constraint and stick it to the player’s arm? Btw there’s a camera setting that makes players go into first person.

Or you can learn moon animator to animate the gun if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

nonono. also what would a rigid constaint do?

It sticks parts to other parts.

Oh well that makes sense. But wouldn’t it do nothing but just… Stand still since they are welds?

I don’t think so. I think they move together so if you have a gun as a mesh part you can use a rigid constraint to put it on the player’s arm and the gun will animate and move/rotate the same as the arm. I gotta test it though to be sure.

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