How to create quake shatter effect from One Piece?

I’ve attempted to create this effect with scripting multiple times but failed. Are there any ways to do it other than decals? Thanks!


You can try to use beam, particle or vfx

Or you can design an algorithm that will spawn parts attaching to other part ends and procedurally generate the effect

I’ve used code from this other thread to generate dynamic lightning. With that you should be able to generate a shape like in the picture. Only thing left to do is give it the neon-material and the right color

That could work except I need this to be generated on a certain axis. The offset itself should only be in two dimensions. Try looking at the picture and see how the cracks themselves are only in two dimensions. If that could work that would be amazing. Thanks!

My main problem is that I’m having trouble generating it. I’m using an algorithm to generate it around a defined axis. Basically it creates a part from the middle with a random length and angle, then takes the end point of that part, takes the UpVector of that part, rotates it randomly (around the axis) and does the process again until the total length reaches a certain point. One of the problems I encounter is that it will be rotating and then all of a sudden it will take a sharp turn, almost 180, even when I set it to be a random angle offset of -1 to 1. It’s probably some problem with my rotation algorithm.

Here are some more images of what I want: