How to create shiny chrome parts in roblox?

Hey guys! I have a car with chrome trim and I need it to be quite shiny. When I turn up the reflection, it turns blue, because it’s reflecting the skybox. Is there any way to make it looks almost realistic without much coding or lots of cpu/gpu usage? Thanks!

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Find a pbr chrome texture online and use a surface appearance or use a surface Appearance with a full black texture for metal-ness and full white texture for roughness.
This website has a lot of free metal textures but not chrome specifically.

Along with the previous reply, there is software such as 3D painting software for texturing - Adobe Substance 3D (Paid) and Quixel Mixer - All-in-one texturing & material creation tool (Free) that specialize in creating PBR Materials, where you can bring your 3d assets (with their UV maps), and you can change the materials easily. Quixel Mixer also provides the ability to create your own custom materials from scratch.

I’ve used both of them before – both of them have chrome materials in them.

These programs should run fine if you have not a strong CPU or GPU, but if you do push materials to their limit or bring in an asset with high polygon counts, then you will start seeing slowdowns.

I recommend searching for YouTube tutorials and other help forums for these programs. They are both relatively easy to use after you learn the ropes.

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sadly it still only reflects the skybox and lights, so my chrome still looks quite blue… or am I doing something wrong?

There is a trick in roblox where glass can look somewhat ‘‘reflective’’, and that is if you make the glass transparency 1.001 to 10 (3.55 to 4.85, the best) (Doesn’t work all time depending on the part)
Its a trick making it look like it reflects all around you, But really its just like a copy of your camera viewport into a higher view.
(it may look weird, that you may see the inner parts of the car and wheels) but you can priortize the transparency

EDIT: (Don’t forget to add a Highlight into the part!)

You can create a surfaceappearence and upload a white image for MetalMap and a black image for roughness. That will max out the metalness and shininess of your parts.