How to create smooth lines on rotated images?

I have this frame, it’s an ImageLabel, using the Roundify plugin and if I rotate it 5 degrees, the lines become pixelly.
Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? I want it angled, as I think it looks cool :man_shrugging:


I think the only solution would make it inside an image editing software and make it slanted, then import it. I’m not really sure on another way you can have it slanted without it being somewhat pix-elated.

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Use and use the round rectangle tool

cc @NinjazBeast

I don’t really want to do that, as the Roundify plugin has a set edge roundness that I had set. I wouldn’t be able to replicate the same roundness in paint

Use a vector based editing software, such as Illustrator. That’ll let you set the border radius, in addition to exporting the image as a PNG. There’s a free trial available for Illustrator, but if you’d rather stick to free software, there’s plenty of free web-based alternatives, e.g. or

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Yes you would, it’s really the only way

Problem still tho is when I hover over the image, I rotate it further, wouldn’t that then cause more pixels anyway?

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I’m not entirely sure. I don’t tend to rotate UI objects. Does the cash icon pixellate when it’s rotated?

Cash icon stays pretty clean from what I can tell

So a rounded square image should be okay when rotated. You’d have to just give it a go and see how it turns out.

Then why does my current image pixelate? what’s the difference?

Oh right. Forgot it was using roundify. Looks like you’re going to have this issue no matter what, but wouldn’t look so bad if the image was already rotated, as it’s just the animation that’d pixelate on.