How to create smooth terrain using parts?

Im trying to create a smooth terrain using parts like in this image

I have tried giving terrain the look of parts but I failed ):
Does anyone now how to achieve this effect?

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It looks like this image is using a mesh for terrain but I may be wrong. You can download Blender and learn to make meshes but that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for.

Plugins like Gapfill and ResizeAlign are useful for creating terrain similar to that with parts, but it’s also pretty time-consuming considering you have to manually create every piece of terrain. I’ll link them below.

Searching online I found that this tutorial might be the most efficient way to achieve a similar effect without external programs.

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Good I already use blender for modeling and know how to use it!
Thanks for your help!

I also found this plugin called “Terrain Mesher”, to make low poly terrain!
Maybe thats an option too!

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