How to create Team chat?

I just want players who are in a team to have a tab in the default roblox chat box which allows them to speak to their team members. It’s very hard to find resources on because all the results are tutorials for team create.

Like this

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I believe what you’re referring to is ChatChannels. Both “System” as well as “Team” are automatically done for you (team to my knowledge only appears if you’re actually on a team), however by default, I believe that the chat module has this disabled. You could use the code below in a client script to access this, or, you could clone the ClientChatModules, place it in chat, and make the edits accordingly.

local Chat = game:GetService("Chat")
local ChatModule = require(Chat:WaitForChild("ClientChatModules"):WaitForChild("ChatSettings"))

ChatModule.ShowChannelsBar = true


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