How To Create Transparency Maps using Photoshop

When working with texture maps, especially PBR textures, it can be difficult to get the texture edges just right and sometimes textures can have white or black edges due to an imperfect mask.

This is a quick guide aimed at beginners or anyone who needs a refresher on making pixel perfect masking and transparency for their textures in Photoshop. This can be especially useful when creating the perfect Opacity Map for leaves, flowers, bushes, or any other foliage.

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How To Setup an Alpha Channel using Photoshop

You start by opening a simple Color Map in Photoshop.

Switch to your Channels. Click the Plus Icon and add your Opacity Mask as an Alpha Channel.

Save the File as a TARGA File Format. Make sure to check Alpha Channels.

  • Upload to Roblox Studio
  • Select your Mesh Part → Add Surface Appearance
  • Set the Alpha Mode to Transparency
  • Copy & Paste your Color Map ID

Now you have a perfect Transparency Map, with no white or black edge bleeding.