How to create ugc item?

For firs i know how to create a UGC item, the problem is how to import.
Some time ago, i was creating my item, and, i notice that i can’t upload on roblox my item!
Please help!


You have to become a UGC creator, there’s currently two ways to get access to UGC which is to be in the star creator program or be selected by Roblox.


To create a UGC item, like a Shirt, you can upload it through the develop pages:

Click on your creator, either My Creations or Group Creations. Then, select Shirts or your desired UGC type. You cannot upload Gear.

Then, you can upload a UGC shirt and distribute it to the public if you have Builders Club. If the item type does not appear to you, then it means you are not permitted to uploading such type (like Gear or Hats).

You can also upload models through studio, which are also UGC items, as well as Decals.

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