[How to crop a image easy and fast]

Hello, I get this may be the wrong category but I need some help. So I have a friend that crops images for me in like a 2-3 minutes time period. Some times he doesn’t fast or I don’t want to constantly ask him. Do you have any ways to crop images fast and easy?

Well first, this isn’t code review at all.

At allllll. o(ㄒoㄒ)

Second, if you’re on Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool to very quickly crop, or for more accuracy, try Paint 3D. Paint3D allows certain preset ratios such as 1:1 or 9:16.

Could you specify what device you want to crop on? It really depends on the device.

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I crop on pc but I don’t know anything about cropping or paint.net getting new to it but if PAIN3D is easier.

photopea.com works great…

If you are on windows, click the windows button, shift and S simontaniously. Then you can crop the image in Snipping Tool. This can take you under a minute if you know how to use snipping tool well.

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well I am saying croping the picture background to make it just the picture nothing else.

Use photoshop if that is what you mean.

How do I do it quickly and fast or in general how do I do it?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you want to remove the background of the image keeping only the objects that are in the image? Something like making a background image transparent if so this can be easily done with gimp I wouldn’t recommend using photoshop since the same thing you can do in that alternative can be done in a free open source image editor.

To do this you’ll need to select the part you want removed click (Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel) and that’ll remove the background.

However can you make your thread a little more clear - specific as your post doesn’t say anything about cropping the background consider adding that to give us a better understanding. Is this what you’re trying to achieve?


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I use paint.net. ( 30 chars ).

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for providing this information, it helps a lot. Further more I don’t have a good understanding using paint.net since I never tried it myself however. I do believe it’s possible to remove the background of an image keeping only the objects and nothing else at the start I don’t have a proper understanding with that alternative so I can’t go in depth.

However have you read my full response because a lot of information seems to be missing in your thread which doesn’t give me a proper understanding on what your trying to achieve?

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No dude! It helped a lot and now I can further my skill level thanks to you! I appreciate your help soo much. :slight_smile:

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