How to Crop an Image to an Exact Pixel Size

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I need to crop images I made for ads to an exact pixel size in order to upload it as an ad for my game. Is there a software or something I can do this on?

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You can generally do this in any software if your are window, I’m curious you could use paint3D and select the right ratio in your editing program to the proper size you wish to achieve, and then you’ll need to find the proper pixel in order for image to properly fit the roblox as pixel size. This can be easily done with gimp I would recommend using any program that can simply crop your images.

Using desktop apps – there are a number of them that are free to use. It’s easy to do this with just a few simple clicks.

Any free art program should allow you to set the canvas size to the exact pixel, and then you can simply import your ad and fit it to the new canvas. I do this in procreate fairly often. Gimp should be able to do it, it’s basically free Photoshop.

You could also search “image resizer” online, there’s plenty of free websites that will resize your image if you don’t want to download software. Just be vary of viruses, my antivirus claims is a safe site.

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you can do this on any art software, just change the canvas size to whatever size you need (usually found under the edit tab) and position the ad as you’d like. Hope this helps!