How to customize a players hit box

Hey all! Don’t know if this is the right topic, feel free to correct me if it isn’t! Anyways, I wanted to know how to change a players hitbox. If you every played that Jurassic Park game in the arcades, you would know what I mean. When a certain part lights up and you have to hit them there. I’m not looking for that fancy stuff, just how to change a players hitbox. If it matters, the place I’m trying to change the hitbox to is only the head. Thanks in advance and have a great rest of your day!

It would help explain what you mean better if you could provide a gif of what you mean.

If you mean a player can only be damaged on the head, then I suggest checking that the hit part is named “Head” in whatever weapon you’re using before damaging the Humanoid.

If you mean something to do with collisions, possibly, then I suggest you take a look at the PhysicsService on the Wiki.

Hope this helped, if not, could provide in more detail what you’re looking for?
Sorry that I made it bad, I was on mobile.
When you watch, you would see that if I try and shoot the body, the stickman dosent die, only when I shoot the head the stickman dies. I want to re-create this inside of ROBLOX with a player.

Read my post above, hopefully it helps!

You literally just need to add code to check if the part that the weapon hits was the head, if it was then execute the code you want.