How to customize the new TextChatService UI?

I’ve been searching deep & far and I still have no idea how to make any style changes to this new TextChatService.

There isn’t much to say, all I want to know is how can I change the color or the font, etc… of the ChatWindow or TextBar itself.

Looking at the API, I don’t know if they’ve added the option to make any style changes yet, although they’ve shown how to make changes in the actual CODE of the service (to change the color) in this place download.

They made it possible, I’ve seen others change a little the look of the actual Chat Window itself.

I know how to make name colors, thats not what I was asking for but thank you anyways.

Unlike the LegacyChatService UI, which is stored in the PlayerGUI, the TextChatService UI is stored in CoreGUI. If you want to change the color of the window in studio, you need to go into Studio Settings > Explorer > Show Core GUI in Explorer while Playing and enable the flag.

This is just to modify it from studio - You could modify it through a script without the studio flag, but being able to see what you’re working on makes it much easier.



Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 4.01.49 AM
Path (in CoreGUI)

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Sorry to bump this thread, but is is possible to do a rainbow chat with this, coregui usually doesnt let our scripts edit coregui items, but i want to add rainbow chat tags for my chat tag system.