How to customly censor inappropriate language [Tutorial]

Not if they’re a premium user, unfortunately. You’d have to be very disrespectful on VC to be banned as a premium user.

i think the tutorial is genuinely useful, as it can be used to censor words that bypass the Roblox filter or prevent bots from joining and typing certain. messages.

I just cringe a lot at the reasons he made this tutorial though, it’s mostly just to silence people who say mean things about stuff he likes.

But putting that aside I feel like this tutorial does what it says and can be useful when applied to real problems that happen in chat.

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So you’re saying just by being a premium user you are less likely to get banned?? :scream::scream:??

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I get into arguments with them because of this thread. It has never been anyone else, only furries.

this filter would tick me off if i were to play a game that had it ngl

but nice idea

Perfect will reverse that to censor the furry
Sadistic laugh