How to debug Server Script errors generated by a player in Roblox Player?

I’m testing my game through Roblox Player with a different player than mine.
Apparently, there are Server Script errors with this player.
However, when I press F9 in this player’s Roblox Player, I just get the LocalScript log.
How is it possible to find out if there was an error on the Server while a player is playing?

To get the server log you must(console):
Press memory then press log
Press log 2x.

If you saw a text box called “command line” meaning your already viewing the server logs

Thanks, but I didn’t get it.
How to know if there was an error on a specific line on the server script?
Because I’m getting only this:

It is definitely an error in Server Script, which occurs when a player other than mine enters.
I found this out by resetting the entire server script and running the game, this way the player’s character appears correctly on the map.
So how can I find out which line the error is on?

Server logs are visible to devs with studio access to the game. You have two options:

  1. Give studio access to that test account you’re using.

  2. Join the same server as your test acc on your main acc from a different device and check the logs.


That’s it!
Thank you very much!

I didn’t mean like you have to stay in the memory though, you have to press memory then go to logs. But i believe its already fixed by @StaySpy so nvm, no worries btw

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