How to delete the user ID data from an experience that doesn't store any data?

So, I got this message:

However, all these places are my current or discontinued clothing stores, which does not have any data stores, they don’t even have access to API services at all!

What in the world am I supposed to do?


They’re just catch-all automated messages; if your game doesn’t save any user data then you can just ignore them since there’s no action required on your part

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Ignore the messages. It should be handled by Roblox, not you

That clause is not listed in the Terms of Service.

The UserId listed is deleted. There is no point in censoring it. If your experience does not save data, then you’re OK.

This only applies to studio. Check for any admin systems that might try to “sneak in” data. They can still access DataStoreService, but only outside of studio.