How to design a game trailer

Hey I’m trying to make a stop-motion game trailer but what should I do to create it? What do I have to do to design cutscenes and make them look realistic like the thumbnails on the Popular roblox games how do I make those and how do I make my own game trailer and how do I design it?

If you are the owner of the game you can go about it by pressing shift and p this will put you in Free moving mode and high quality visual where it would be excellent to record cut scenes

Hope this help you out

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You should probably change that to ‘Shift’ to be safe :wink:


Thank you for pointing it out did not notice my bad


I did that on a computer that I have but nothing happened. Does free-camera mode look like anything? I mean, how do you know if you enabled it or not?

You would be able to fly free like in studio but without the tools and you need to be the Owner of the game to be able to do this

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Here’s how you use free camera: FreeCamera for taking in game recordings/screenshots

Oh! Ok thanks Todiant So I would only move if i hit Q/E, Y/I To move? Ok thanks Todiant!

Ok but then how would I record the video?

You can use OBS to record video for your video (it’ll record your screen, it’s what steamers use). Or you can use F12 (screen record) on Roblox but I wouldn’t recommend this.

You then need to get a video editor to make changes such as adding special effects.

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Ok thank you so much Todiant I’ll try it out someday!

And i got another question, And how do I make a fan art thumbnail like those developers do on their thumbnails? For Example; how do I make a thumbnail like @NewFissy does on his thumbnails on his Adopt Me! Game & like @Coeptus does on his Welcome To Bloxburg game?

You can use blender to make and pose characters.

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Ok how do you download the blender app and how much does it cost?

Doesn’t cost no money, you can download it of the site.


Is it free to buy on Computers?

Yes, it’s free. That is the link to download it that jordon sent.

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Ok I’ll look at it. I hope it records it like a regular stop-motion video…:crossed_fingers:

Blender doesn’t record things.

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Please don’t rely on us to give you a step-by-step tutorial, you are on the track of making a video, and you have blender. Now, your next step should be looking up tutorials, or reading articles on how to use blender. Good luck!