How to design a map in blender?

Hello! So I want to make a map like this Overlook Bay! - Roblox however when I look up tutorials I can’t really find any. I think the map is mostly used by using blender but does anyone have any tips or links to videos/posts that might help me out?

Yes, the map is made using mostly blender, though it’s a bunch of different meshes put together in the game. So basically they’ll make a tree in blender, import it to roblox, and make it fit on a map with a bunch of other meshes (again, made in blender)

My best tip is searching up blender low poly builds on youtube, it really helps. Also, the whole map is not made in blender as in one model… it’s a lot of separate ones :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helped a bit.



Wow thanks! That was very helpful : )

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