How to design my Health Bar system

I am making a team focused game where you are going to play with many other players. So in order for good team coodination one has to be able to see everybody’s remaining health.

My question is should I make a system like in WoW where you have the health bars on the side of the screen or like Adventure Quest where player’s health bar is above his head?

Personally I would prefer the one from WoW because it doesn’t fill up the screen this much and can have other gameplay benefits but I also want to know what you prefer too.

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Left 4 Dead 2 has a great way of putting the health bars at the bottom of the screen, with yours being also on the bottom but to the right with a noticeable space in between.

The only downside is this could get in the way of your backpack, though I think it’s more efficient having it at the bottom instead of the side. Your eyes easily move towards the bottom instead of the side.


Yea this is pretty well made especially for small groups of players. If you know other games that have good team health bars systems let me know so I can check them ^^

Even though it’s for a small amount of players while your game is for many other players, this could be fixed with just including a line and possibly a name or profile picture.

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