How to detect a Remote Function from a script that is not inside a player

Hi guys ^w^ I’m trying to make an intro chase cutscene that involves a few non-player objects.

The cutscene is triggered by a remote function in replicated storage. The remote function fires, but the non-player script don’t seem to detect it.

Here is what the animation looks like inside of Moon Animator:

This is the code inside the door that is supposed to trigger the doors animation.

The script that fires the remote function is in ServerScriptService:

Is there a way to fire the cutscene for all players and non-player objects?

btw there are no errors in the output :confused:

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I see your issue. I’m surprised no one has responded yet. You used a remove event (client:server/server:client) instead of a bindable event (server:server/client:client). You would need to use a Bindable (maybe mixed with a remove event.)
This should contain all the information you need, but you will need to do some digging around within the article(s) themselves.

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tysm this worked! One last question: So anything that is not a player is considered part of the server?

Well. Yes mostly. It gets complicated at network ownership but yes.

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