How to detect exploiters/hackers?

I am working on a PvP game and I have seen a bunch if threads talking about how to deal with exploiters/hackers and I am concerned about exploiting and hacking happening in my game. I want to make a function that will punish exploiters and hackers, but I am not sure how to detect if a player is exploiting/hacking. Does anyone know how to I could go about this?

this post is a troll. There’s no such thing as player.Hacking boolean or any of those properties.

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I guess you can start with anti walkspeed. Use magnitude to check those

There is many guides you can use Inorder to know some information

firstly i would remove anti walkspeed to be done using magnitude (server), and all stuff to be in server


Complete guide of how to make an anti exploit! – Mine

A Guide to Making Proper Anti-Exploits – Reapimus guide

How exploits work and how to combat them – Dancdx’s guide.

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