How to detect if an object stopped?

How to detect if an object hit something?

Depends on what kind of object it is, but parts have function .Touched which works when part touched something but this works bd at high speeds

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I prefer touched sometimes because it’s simple and straightforward, though I recommend raycasting. Can your perhaps provide more context? What object/s are trying to detect this for? Use-case?

If you working with weaponary/ tools, you could create a raycasting hitbox:

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I want certain sound to play when the car hits something?
But I don’t want to use raycasting even if that’s possible to do with cars.

i would use a touch event to check if the car has collided with something

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parts have a velocity property when that hits 0 its means the part is stopped

in scripts u can detect if a part has hit something by the touched event

local FrontOfTheCar = Car.--a part of the car at the front
FrontOfTheCar.Touched:Connect(function() -- this will detect when the car has been touched
	print("the car has been touched")

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