How to Detect the Pitch of a Sound

I have a subwoofer that I want to make vibrate every time a low frequency sound is made(because that’s how subwoofers work). The problem is that I don’t know how to detect the pitch of a sound. Is there something like PlaybackLoudness I can use to detect pitch?

You could use sound.pitch but it’s deprecated

That doesn’t change with the music. It does almost the same thing as PlaybackSpeed.

In terms of technical details around this, it isn’t quite possible to detect frequencies of the sound, because there is no feature that allows this. You can only measure the loudness, but I’ve thought about filtering the copy of that sound with the low-pass filter, with no volume and then measure it. However, that would be tedious and probably not achieved that way.

Yeah, I’m not doing that because I have multiple songs, and I’m not spending robux either.